Snack Review – Royce Matcha Chocolate

Royce are a premium chocolate company in Japan, founded in Sapporo. Though they produce a large number of high quality products, they are perhaps most famous for their Nama Chocolate which is a very soft chocolate made with fresh cream and a small amount of liquor. I’ve tried the regular Nama chocolate before but for something different, I’m reviewing the Matcha variety here, just because I’m hopelessly addicted to Matcha.


Royce’s Matcha Nama Chocolate is actually made with white chocolate so its perfect if you’re a white chocolate fan. Matcha and white chocolate are a surprisingly good combination, with the creaminess of the white chocolate matching up well with the matcha’s bitterness. Both are very strong flavours and find a perfect balance here. As with all of Royce’s other nama varieties, I love the texture of these. They’re very soft and just melt in the mouth.


Royce Nama chocolates are sold in many duty free and gift stores throughout Japan as well as in dedicated Royce stores in Hokkaido. Due to the fact they’re made with large amounts of cream, they have a very short shelf life for chocolate of about 1 month and need to be kept at a low temperature.

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