Snack Review – Tokyo Black Thunder

In today’s snack review, we’re covering a Tokyo based snack that’s actually a slight variation on a widely loved Japanese chocolate bar, the Black Thunder. A Black Thunder is actually a pretty common type of chocolate bar with crispy cocoa and rice puffs as its centre. There are actually a lot of flavours of the Black Thunder but the Tokyo Black Thunder variation is specifically sold as a Tokyo souvenir. I picked this one up in Narita airport as a last minute snack. What makes this variation different is that the centre includes Kaminari-Okoshi, which is a traditional puffed rice snack originally sold by street vendors in Asakusa during the Edo period.



All in all the Tokyo Black Thunder is a little crispier and drier than you would normally expect from a chocolate bar but pretty delicious all the same. In typical fashion, these are pretty much bite sized but it’s very hard to stop at one.

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