Snack Review – Miyazaki Mango & Rare Caramel Cream Pie

One of my favourite things about Japan is that every prefecture and region has its own particular food specialties and given that gift giving and buying souvenirs for people is such an important part of Japanese culture, these specialties often come into play in the form of snacks.

Among the most famous specialities in Miyazaki prefecture are mangoes. Miyazaki mangoes are large, beautiful looking and expensive. A lot of Miyazaki souvenirs sold in airports, train stations and gift stores incorporate mangoes in some way. These Mango and Rare Caramel cream pies are beautifully packaged as a gift and were surprisingly delicious. They are very flaky pastries with small amount of icing on top and a delicious mango and custard flavoured filling. They remind me a little of a Danish pastry but not quite as sweet. These were only about 800 yen for eight so a definite buy if you have the opportunity. They can be found in most places that sell local souveneirs in Miyazaki prefecture but can also be found at random in various places throughout Kyushu.




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