Nanakusa Gayu

Nanakusa Gayu, literally Seven Grass rice porridge, is a Japanese dish traditionally eaten on the 7th of January and said to promote good luck and a health for the year ahead. It’s also meant to help with digestion after eating lots of food over the New Year holiday period (which I definitely did). It’s a very simple type of congee, prepared with seven specific herbs. The herbs are: Seri, Gogyo, Nazuna, Hotokenoza, Hakobera, Suzuna and Suzushiro. The only one I was familiar with was Suzushiro which is more commonly known as Daikon.


I’m a big fan of congee in general, particularly in colder months, but the ingredients used in this dish make it a little bitter. It definitely warms you up and is very healthy, but I can sort of understand why its only eaten once a year!


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