Snack Review – Meltykiss Chocolate

I haven’t really been able to do much travelling lately due to personal commitments so I’ll be embracing my other most favourite thing about Japan – food. I’m going to be doing a bit of an experiment in writing some snack reviews, because if there’s one thing Japan has no shortage of, it’s a constant stream of new and interesting snacks and drinks to try!

I’m starting with something very conventional and that is the improbably named “Meltykiss” from Meiji chocolate. Food in Japan is seasonal, with certain foods only being available at certain times of year. Oddly, this sometimes spreads to snack foods and candy as well. In this case, Meltykiss is only available during winter because it… well, melts. It’s a particularly delicate type of chocolate with warnings on the box not to store it above 23 degrees because otherwise you’ll just end up with little bags of chocolate goo.

Chocolate - 1 (2)

Chocolate - 1 (1)

Meltykiss comes in a variety of flavours and is basically just a very light, flaky chocolate coating over a flavoured centre. I’ve gone for the Strawberry and the Matcha flavours here but there is also a Premium Chocolate variety available. I wouldn’t really consider myself a sweet-tooth and I’m much more likely to get excited about fresh Sashimi than chocolate but I loved these. The chocolate is very light and is more a complement to the centre which has a very strong flavour of either strawberry or matcha. I would probably give the strawberry the edge if I had to choose between the two but the matcha is also great with a huge hit of matcha when you bite into it. These can pretty much be bought everywhere during the colder months and are just the thing if you have a sudden chocolate craving.

Chocolate - 1 (4)


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