Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Episode 30

Episode 30 – Cats Love Yoshikage Kira

If you were to try and explain the plot for Cats Love Yoshikage Kira to someone not familiar with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure you would inevitably sound insane. There’s a serial killer living under a new identity with someone else’s family because he stole a guy’s face and he encounters a cat that dies but then comes back as a weird cat/plant hybrid that can shoot bubbles of air at anything that threatens it. Utterly crazy, but there we have it.

This episode is one of the rare cases where I feel the show actually surpasses the manga, mostly due to it’s depiction of Stray Cat, the Prussian Blue feline that is granted a second life as a plant. In the manga, Stray Cat is terrifying. Here, seeing it move and behave like a cat, there’s something oddly cute about it. Don’t get me wrong, Stray Cat is still scary, it just comes across as a lot more endearing on the screen than it does on the page. Here we have a very unique Stand User in that it actually had to die in order for its Stand to activate and as its incapable of speaking, its powers go largely unexplained. We’ve seen animal Stand users before in this series but never in a way where their powers bring them back from the dead and turn them into something else entirely.

This episode really brings Kira’s relationship with his new family to the forefront. Shinobu, Kira’s wife, is still completely smitten with her husband as a result of his different behavior. Strangely, Kira seems to be forming some sort of attachment to her in return. He comforts her after she accidentally kills Stray Cat in his original cat form and even tries to protect her when the reborn cat-plant tries to kill her. There’s a really interesting moment where he considers her unconscious form and wonders why he’s doing what he’s doing. Is he just trying to protect his identity or has he really grown fond of her? Shinobu herself is a fun character. The early scenes with her trying to make friends with Stray Cat in the basement are really amusing.

Finally, we get a more formal introduction to Kira’s adopted son, Hayato. Hayato has been lurking around in the background for most of these episodes and now we know why: he suspects something is up with his father’s new behavior. In this episode he realizes that someone else is pretending to be his dad. It takes a very tense confrontation with Stray Cat in the attic to reveal is but its a big step forward in the plot. Kira has been working hard to keep his head down but now someone is onto him. For us, its just a matter of waiting to see what Hayato’s next move is.

There are some questions raised in this episode that will probably never be answered but that’s a staple of the series by now. What’s the deal with Stray Cat? Is it even considered a Stand if it has only the one physical form? If it is a Stand, how come Hayato can see it? Why does it still need cat food if it’s a plant? Question upon question that I can somehow forgive because Stray Cat is such a wonderfully bizarre creation at the heart of a wonderfully bizarre episode.

Next time: July 15th (Thursday) – an episode title that gives absolutely nothing away.

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