Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Episode 29

Episode 29 – Highway Go Go Part 2

We’re pretty much in the home stretch of Diamond is Unbreakable now and we’re really starting to see people pushing their Stands to the limit. Part 2 of Highway Star (Or Highway Go Go if we’re sticking with Crunchyroll’s titles) contains one of the best chase scenes in the entire series and demonstrates some enormously creative power usage from Josuke as he flees from the enemy Stand’s relentless pursuit. The bulk of the episode is dedicated to this chase so while it’s light on plot, there is a lot of action here.

I loved the episode and would easily put it in my top 5 JoJo’s episodes of all time,  but it’s hard to know where to start with this review as it’s so light on plot. Josuke flees Highway Star on Rohan’s motorcycle. He has to constantly stay above 60kms an hour while he tracks down the Enemy Stand’s user otherwise Highway Star will catch him and leech all of his strength. Unfortunately it’s hard to stay above 60kms an hour driving through a small city like Morioh and Josuke has to pull out some creativity in order to stay ahead. My favourite moment comes in the opening minutes when Josuke destroys the bike and reassembles it in order to avoid hitting a mother and baby crossing the road. It’s unexpected and a sign of the surprises to come.

Josuke has to call in some help to track down the Stand’s user so we have a couple of amusing scenes where he steals phones from hapless bystanders in order to call in backup. Why he doesn’t just use Crazy Diamond to fix the first phone that breaks is one of the JoJo mysteries we’ll never solve. Either way, he makes the right choice in calling the ever resourceful Koichi and we’re left to wonder what horrifying events might have taken place if he’d called Okuyasu for help instead. Together they manage to figure out that the Stand user is a patient in the local hospital and Josuke heads there with Highway Star right behind him. The reveal of the villain in this episode is pretty interesting. We spend very little time with him but he manages to act so reprehensibly in such a short time that it’s a joy when he gets his comeuppance.

All up, it’s a very fast paced and satisfying episode. When all is said and done, Josuke returns to retrieve Rohan from the tunnel he was trapped in last week. “Just so you know, I don’t consider this a favour I have to return,” Rohan says. Even though the two have now fought together, they still hate each other. It’s nice to know some things just can’t be changed. And perhaps, most satisfyingly of all, Koichi finally gets to take his dog for a walk.

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