Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Episode 27

Episode 27 – I’m an Alien

I’m an Alien feels like it should be part one of a two parter as it has all the hallmarks of one – a new character introduction, a lot of setup and a cliffhanger ending. The fact that it’s not is pretty surprising but then again, the whole episode is full of surprises so I guess it’s fitting in a way. I really enjoyed this one a lot. Just when we all thought Diamond is Unbreakable couldn’t possibly get any crazier, we suddenly have an alien appearing in Morioh for no apparent reason. And the first people this alien runs into are Josuke and Okuyasu who really don’t seem to do much nowadays other than wander around town stumbling into strange scenarios. Within the first few minutes, you already know this is going to be a good one.

The episode opens with everyone favourite floating photo, Yoshihiro trying to create a new Stand User like he did last week. The arrow hits a strange looking guy in a school uniform but then bounces off ineffectively leaving Yoshihiro startled. We then have a new opening theme. Just when I’d settled in to loving the previous one, it’s gone and we have a new one. I’m still undecided on the song, but I felt the same last time it changed and came around pretty quickly so I’m not going to comment on the new one for now. We briefly stop in with Jotaro and then we catch up on Kira and his new life. Kira’s nails are growing and he’s got the urge to kill again but he’s fighting against it because he needs to keep his head down until he’s ready to strike. There’s some strange interplay between Kira and his new wife. It seems she’s fallen in love with this new version of her husband who’s intensity she somehow finds exciting. We can only wonder what her husband was like before Kira killed him and stole his face.

Leaving Kira behind, we come to Josuke and Okuyasu who are out on their way for ice cream when they come across a crop circle. Sometimes Morioh as a town feels really well planned out. But then we have cases like this week where for some reason there’s either a crop circle in the middle of town or Josuke and Okuyasu are walking to an ice cream shop located out in the middle of farmland. Either way, as they pass by the crop circle, they see someone lying down beneath some flattened grass in the middle and go to his aid. This person appears to be a high-schooler like them but claims to be an alien named Nu Mikitakazo Nshi who is visiting Earth to find out if it’s a nice place to live. Josuke and Okuyasu find this hilarious and think it’s a great prank though they start to grow a little suspicious once Nshi eats some tissues they give him.

Going into the details of this episode will probably take me all day so let’s just say that the rest of it involves flying shoes, shape changing and a get-rich quick scheme that involves rigged gambling with Rohan Kishibe. There’s a lot in here so it’s understandable that there’s no resolution this week. I really love Nshi’s character design. There’s a great contrast between his edgy appearance and his completely calm demeanor. It’s like Spock from Star Trek decided to grow his hair long and get some piercings. Okuyasu and Josuke’s reactions to him are great, and the episode plays up Okuyasu’s sudden violent mood swings for some great laughs.

This episode revels completely in its own glorious weirdness and that’s not even counting Rohan’s outfit when Josuke turns up at his doorstep asking him to play Cee Lo for money. It’s definitely mostly setup for what looks to be the next two-parter but it’s all so fun and goofy that in a strangely fitting way, it stands on its own.

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