Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 – Episode 13

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 13 – We Picked Up Something Crazy!

So we have a bit of a quieter episode this week. There’s no evil stand user to deal with and aside from a little wrap up of events from last week in the beginning, we’re mostly focused on Joseph and Josuke. It’s more or less a continuation of their first meeting last week as the two of them are forced into spending time together as they move about town where they eventually stumble across one of the most unconventional Stand User’s we’ve seen in the series: an invisible baby.

One thing I find really interesting about this season of Jojo’s is that we explore the idea of Stand user’s who really aren’t out for conflict at all. We had it with Tonio Trendy in the Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food episode, and we have it here. The Stand user that Joseph and Josuke find themselves confronted with has no good or evil motivation and is purely using their power on a an instinctual level. When the baby feels threatened or stressed, it turns itself and things around it invisible. Joseph and Josuke find themselves in the difficult situation of dealing with an uncontrollable Stand User who also happens to be an infant who’s actions can’t be predicted. Throughout the episode, Josuke is frustrated with his father who seems like a doddering old man, unreliable and forgetful. Josuke feels like he’s babysitting already before they even stumble across Achtung Baby.

It wouldn’t be much of a story without some progression though and despite Joseph’s eccentricities, by the end of the episode he has has gone some way towards redeeming himself in Josuke’s eyes, demonstrating his willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of others. It’s another heart warming moment in an episode almost entirely given over to humour, drawing most of it out of Joseph’s absent mindedness and Josuke’s frustration with it.

The episode was lightweight, but entertaining and pretty necessary in establishing the dynamic between Joseph and Josuke. There’s a scene where Joseph goes into a store to buy baby products that is amusing but also feels like it goes on a bit too long. Perhaps my favourite moment in this episode was hearing Joseph’s trademark panicked “Oh my god!” line, something that has never ceased to make me laugh every time I’ve heard it previously.

The story in Diamond is Unbreakable is a lot more freewheeling compared to previous JoJo seasons and this episode is a perfect example of that.  I could understand some fans of the previous season being frustrated with that but I think this style of storytelling really brings out the best in these characters. There’s no central conflict in this episode aside from Josuke’s feelings towards his father. For the most part, its just two likeable characters hanging out to solve a problem. The audience gets to hang out with them, and for this week, that’s enough.

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