Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 – Episode 11

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11 – Chili Pepper Part 1

Time and distance are strangely fluid concepts in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. People have whole conversations whilst flying through the air. Characters always have time to outline their plans out loud before carrying them out and their opponent, who has been listening patiently to the explanation, is still caught by surprise. It’s a pretty standard convention of Shonen manga and one that JoJo has always embraced wholeheartedly. This week’s episode had a few examples of this concept, starting off with Josuke playing an old school video game only to be interrupted by the Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper suddenly appearing in his house and outlining its plan to crush him. We haven’t seen Chili Pepper in a while and having it back makes it feel we’re back on track for the overarching story.

That said, I didn’t love this week’s episode. Of course there were a lot of moments I enjoyed but it felt like, on the whole, that it was all setup without much progression. We didn’t get to see Joseph as teased at the end of last week, which was perhaps the biggest disappointment. Instead, the episode is devoted to two clashes with Chili Pepper. First there is Josuke’s short lived and somewhat amusing confrontation in his living room, followed later by an extended fight with Okuyasu.

On the understanding that Chili Pepper can transfer through electricity, Josuke calls a meeting far out of town with Koichi, Okuyasu and Jotaro to discuss their next course of action. Jotaro announces that they’ll be receiving a visitor who’ll be able to help them track down Chili Pepper’s user: Joseph Joestar. Chili Pepper has found a way to eavesdrop on their plans though and after popping out of Okuyasu’s motorcycle, informs them that he’ll be heading straight to the docks to kill Joseph before he can assist them. Confronted by the Stand responsible for his brother’s death, Okuyasu loses his temper and goes on the attack.

The fight between Okuyasu and Chili Pepper is really well done. We’ve hardly seen Okuyasu put his Stand (The Hand) to use so it’s really good to see it in action here against Chili Pepper. I love that deep bassy sound it makes each time it’s used and the episode gets a lot of mileage out of it. I also enjoyed how Josuke and the gang hurrying to help Okuyasu after he’d teleported off in the distance involved casually strolling over some implied large distance that looked like it was only about thirty feet away. Again we have another example of the JoJo concept of time and distance, this time utilised for dramatic effect. That it comes off as unintentionally comedic is just an added bonus. In the end, Chili Pepper outsmarts Okuyasu in a surprisingly clever way while the others are still casually strolling towards them.

I enjoyed this episode, but overall, I felt it was average. Not great but nowhere near terrible either. The Stand battle at its core was enjoyable and all the pieces are in play for next week so we’ve got that to look forward to. There was another little Joseph tease at the end so hopefully, we finally get to see the old man next week.

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