Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 – Episode 6

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 6

As much as I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, I sometimes find it difficult to recommend to people due to the way it can go very dark, very quickly and without warning. There’s no better example of this than this week’s episode which starts off with Koichi riding joyously on his new bike, only to accidentally run over what appears to be a cat in a bag in the middle of the road. It’s horrific and made even more so by the camera constantly switching to shots of the bloody bag. Even though it later turns out to only be a stuffed toy in there, it’s an uncomfortable few minutes for the viewer, aka me who somehow completely forgot about that part in the manga. The bag has been planted by Tamami Kobayashi, a Stand user who’s utilising his powers to con people out of money by playing on their guilt. He uses it to full effect on Koichi who is only saved by the timely intervention of Josuke and Okuyasu who happen to be passing by. Tamami isn’t pleased by this and of course, sets out to get his revenge on Koichi and his family.

For some reason, as awful as he is, I find Tamami a fascinating character. The concept of his Stand power is really interesting. Unlike other characters, his Stand doesn’t seem to have a humanoid manifestation and simply takes the shape of a lock on a person’s chest that grows in weight as a person’s feelings of guilt increase. It’s a really good representation of how guilt actually feels and later on, when we see it used on Koichi’s family, their quickly growing despair is frightening. Aside from his ability, Tamami himself is enormously cunning. For everything Koichi comes up with in this episode, Tamami has an immediate answer to it. He’s so quick with his thinking that it would almost be admirable were he not such a terrible person. One thing I don’t really understand though is his weird charm in talking his way into Koichi’s house. He’s an odd, troll like figure and the way he immediately charms Koichi’s mother is just one of those Jojo mysteries.

Of course, the big reveal in this episode is Koichi’s Stand.  When the egg from last week suddenly appears over his head and bursts open, it’s a great moment. There’s a great double fake out as it ineffectively punches Tamami in the face before its true nature is revealed. And really, this is one of the few anime where a Matsuo Basho poetry reference is going to be pulled out in the middle of a fight scene.

All in all, I probably liked this episode conceptually more than I did in execution but there were still a lot of fun moments. Koichi’s Stand and its powers in particular were really visually creative and well done and you just can’t go past that wacky Jojo ending.



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